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The Universal Life Plan 

Accumulate Cash Value and Earn Tax-Deferred Interest 

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Universal Life - It Just May be the Only Life Insurance Plan You'll Ever Need

As your life changes, your priorities change, especially when considering finances. First, you worry about buying a home and making the mortgage payments. Then, when the first child comes along, your priorities change again, and you worry about education and college funds. When the kids are out of school you have retirement plans to consider. One of the underlying questions you may think about is, "How will my family get along without me if I die?"

The Universal Life Plan  - Because Nothing Stays the Same.

Most life insurance policies provide protection for your family so that they can pay the bills in case you should die. But the Universal Life plan provides this protection and more. The Universal Life plan is designed to provide you with adjustable protection amounts, flexible payment schedules, cash value accumulations, and tax-deferred interest. So while your life is changing, your life insurance policy can keep up with your financial needs and priorities, and still provide financial protection for your family.

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Accumulate Cash Value and Earn Tax-Deferred Interest

The Universal Life plan offers you a unique opportunity. It can protect your family, just like a standard life insurance policy would while also providing you with these attractive features: Under certain circumstances, some or all of your policy loan will be subject to federal income tax and possible penalty tax.

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Customize Your Universal Life Plan to Suit Your Family's Needs

Our carriers offer you several valuable coverage options so that you can customize your Universal Life Plan, You may select any of these options for an additional cost.

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Choose Between Two Coverage Options

Because your life is constantly changing, our carriers offer you two death benefit coverage options so that you have a choice in determining the amount of protection your policy will provide. Each death benefit option includes a specified coverage amount, which you indicate when you apply for the policy.

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Universal Life Insurance - Your Plan for the Future.

It's never too soon to start planning for the future, so talk to your agent about protecting your family and your future with the Universal Life plan. With flexible coverage amounts and payment schedules, as well as cash value accumulations, this plan can change with your lifestyle. Universal Life - it just may be the only life insurance plan you'll ever need.
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