Term Life Insurance 

Covering Your Financial Obligations : 

Term Life Insurance-The Protection You Need For Now 

What are Your Life Insurance Needs? 

Some of the Advantages of Life Insurance 


Term Life Insurance 

The Protection You Need for Now

You've worked hard for the things you enjoy in life. You've also tried to assure that those who depend on you are free from financial worry. What would happen if you died and could not provide financial support for your family? Could your family keep their home? Would the bills be paid? Would your children be able to afford to go to college?

Most customers who need basic financial protection for a limited, specified period of time find life insurance a valuable life insurance alternative.

What is Term Insurance?

Term life insurance provides financial protection for a specific period of time. If death occurs within the time limits, or "term" of the policy, the face amount of the policy is paid. This "face" amount is the amount of money that is paid upon the death of the insured person. On the other hand, when the insured person lives longer than the length of the policy's "term", nothing is paid.

The two most common types of term insurance are decreasing and level term. With decreasing term, the coverage amount decreases from year to year or month to month. It is frequently used to provide funds to pay the decreasing amount of a home mortgage. Level term insurance provides a constant amount of insurance for a specified time period.

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What are your life insurance needs?

You may want to consider the following:

Total Obligations
Total Personal Funds
Total Life Insurance Needed


Personal Funds

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What are Some of the Advantages of Term Life Insurance

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