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Our agency was one of the first insurance agencies back in the area after Katrina servicing our customers as well as customers whose agents had been displaced. Working computers from cigarette lighters, we were placing claims for locals who had stayed behind during the storm, before the insurance companies had claims assistance in the area.

Our agency is committed to our community and wants to help rebuild this area. We can help with Builders Risk, Renovation, Homeowners, Commercial and Flood Insurance.

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Hurricane Katrina Update 09/01/2005

First, hopes that you and your family are all well admist the chaos and destruction. We understand the weeks and months ahead of you will be hard, maybe the hardest you've ever known and hopefully the hardest you will ever have to know. Please stay safe and listen to your local officials as to when you can return home.

Secondly, everyone who has been displaced should keep all receipts in the event your insurance companies or FEMA can reimburse some or all of your living expenses. You should also take detailed pictures or video of your property if you are able to return home. If you haven�t already done so, you should begin contacting your insurance companies to file claims. If you don�t have your policies or contact information, contact the State Department of Insurance at or 1-800-259-5300 or (225) 342-5900.

For Claims dial 1-800-54-STORM (78676)
For LA Citizens (State Plan) dial 1-800-931-9548 OR 1-225-293-5900

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